Packard Plant

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The Packard Automotive Plant is a former automobile-manufacturing factory in Detroit, Michigan where luxury Packard cars were made by the Packard Motor Car Company of Detroit, Michigan.

Since its abandonment, the plant has served as a haven for graffiti artists, urban explorers, paintballers and auto scrappers. Scavengers have extensively stripped the buildings of wiring and other building materials. In one notorious case which was captured by the Wall Street Journal, a bunch of vandals pushed a dump truck off of the fourth floor.

Despite no longer being up-kept due to disuse, the structures remain mostly intact as of 2012. Portions of the upper floors of several small sections in various buildings have collapsed or been partly demolished and lay in ruins in the wake of several aborted attempts at demolition over the years. Owing to the reinforced concrete construction, almost all but those small sections remain structurally sound.

The City of Detroit has pledged legal action to have it demolished or secured. Dominic Cristini, whose claim of ownership of the property is disputed, is said to be conducting construction surveys in advance of full-scale demolition as of early 2012.

Packard Plant

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